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Mary Saunders - Nottingham

"I Needed a large slimline water butt to replace two big large ones, excellent service."

Matthew Alder - Cambridge

"I wanted a Water Butt on my new shed and found exactly what I wanted. Thank you"

David Horlock - Southport

"Great selection of Water Butts. I needed a Water Butt for my garden"

Derek Leigh - Poole

"We were looking for a slim but large Water Butt for the side of our house and Water Butts had a good range of sized Water Butts. Will buy again!"



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8500 litre rainwater harvesting

8500 litres


8500 litres Ref: ECOSUPCOM8500

Our 8500 litre Rainwater Harvesting Tank is an automatic rainwater harvesting system, which is used for collecting and suppling water for when you need it. Our rainwater harvesting systems are suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

This system consists of an high quality industrial strength MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) tank, which comes complete with pipework connections, submersible pump and a water filter. This system offers great savings on water consumpsion and also helps a great deal towards the environment.

Why install a rainwater harvesting system?

If you're looking to create an eco friendly home, or you're just looking to reduce your water bills and water usage, then one of our rainwater havesting systems is the answer. You could dramatically reduce your water usage by installing one of our rainwater harvesting systems. You can directly plumb rainwater to feed your toilet which will save you, on average, 8 litre per flush.

System benefits

  • Easy to install
  • UK manufactured
  • Lowers water bills
  • Cleaner water without chemicals
  • Kinder to plants
  • Softer water
  • Easy to use - Low maintainance
  • Next delivery available

Water Tank Dimensions
Dimensions H:2200mm x D:2700mm
Outlet Upto 4"
Access Manhole Access
Weight 180kg
Capacity 8500litres / 1870 gal

Rainwater Harvesting System includes:

  • Ecosure Rainwater Harvesting Tank
  • 25m pipe
  • Ecosure Filter Cylinder
  • Water Pump Fittings
  • Extension Neck Ring
  • Walk Over / Bolt Down Neck Ring Cover
  • Pre-Pump Inline Filter
  • Complete Pipe Fittings Kit
  • Complete Pump Fitting Kit

    Product Description

    excl. VAT

    inc. VAT

    Ref: ECOSUPCOM8500 - 8500 litres
    3,028.80 Including  VAT at 20%

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    UK Manufacturer

    Nationwide Delivery

    save money

    Save money on
    water bills

    You can save money of your water bills by collecting your rainwater to use the garden.

    You can collect rainwater from the smallest of roofs including green house roofs and shed roofs.

    Did you know?
    You can run a pressure washer from a water butt?

    We deliver nationwide!

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